Interview with Mikael, the promoter of „Slow Bicycling“

Diesen Blogpost gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

For quite some time now I enjoy reading the blog „Copenhagenize“ of Mikael Colville-Andersen, dedicated to promote cycling as a safe and healthy way of transportation. Copenhagen has a very high modal split for cycling, more than 30% of all ways are done by cycling. Vienna has about 5% and is already proud about it (no way to be proud about 5%). If you are interested what he has to say about cycling, you might want to check out this interview.

Check out his blogs:

  • Copenhagenize, dedicated to promoting Cycling internationally, with many examples and discussions how and how not cycling is promoted in Denmark and elsewhere
  • Copenhagen Cycle Chic, a blog about Cycling and Fashion
  • Slow Bicycle Movement, a blog to promote cycling as a enjoyable way of transportation

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