Good time and misfortunes in Austria

Christmas vacation is over! As I already wrote in the last article, I spent Christmas „at home“. Most of the time I spent in Vienna, the days around Christmas in Graz. I really enjoyed to be at home again and meet all my loved ones. If I would have preferred to stay in Vienna longer? No. It was good as it was, I got some new energy and new motivation to experience something new. But it felt strange, one day before I left again, Sofia felt so far away, and now I’m back.
As the title of this article mentions, there were also some misfortunes. When I was in one of my favourite pubs in Graz – the Nachtexpress – somebody took my jacket (I assume accidentally). Unfortunately there were my calendar (where I have a lot of notes and memories) and my digital camera in the pockets. Now I’m a proud owner of a Canon IXUS 80. I’m quite happy with the quality by now, I hope I can present you better pictures of the rest of my stay.

Flight over Sofia. In the background you can see Vitosha mountain.

I have at least one picture I want to show you: During the approach of Sofia airport we were flying over Sofia. You can see the city through the clouds and in the background the Vitosha mountain. I took the picture very fast, during take-off and landing you are not allowed to use electronic devices … but it was sooo tempting.

So, have a happy new year! I’m planning to go to Macedonia (to be correct the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) with a friend, but we are not sure yet if we will leave tomorrow or on the 1st of January (we both are a little bit ill with aching throats and coughing). I will tell you later, what I did :)

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