Last week in Burgas

Again a week has passed … time’s running. For sure it was a busy week again. I wanted to write on my blog earlier this time, but I didn’t manage.

Reasons for not writing? First I wanted to write on Sunday, at least we had a visit of two museums on Friday (Nature Historic and Archaeology museums), which were actually not very exciting. Maybe it was due to the fact that we had been invited to three wodkas per person from the owner of the restaurant where we had lunch … you can’t say no, can you?

And on Saturday we had a trip to Несебър (Nessebar), the second must-see beside Sozopol. Nessebar is even more important than Sozopol, at least it is UNESCO World Heritage. Sadly I was disappointed about our trip again. Our teacher (it was our second teacher, I thought it might be different) was not prepared at all again, we had to find the interesting spots ourselves. Which is actually not really easy if you have a group of thirteen (including teacher and our buddy Gena) and everybody wants to go in another direction. This time I was not in mood of investigating the city on my own, the parts that I’ve seen were not as nice as in Sozopol and it’s much more flooded by tourism (it’s close to the Sunny Beach, a huge hotel resort with over 800 hotels – only the thought of it makes me shiver). Most interesting were the ruins of old churches.

What really kept me from writing to my blog on Sunday was the Saturday evening, which turned out to be longer than expected … so we spent the Sunday hanging out at a flat of two of our group with listening to music, watching movies, cooking and eating together. We decided that we are some kind of family now, at least we spent most of the month together as we know next to nobody in this town beside ourselves. Which might be pretty normal for a vacation, but here we are a handful of people of different cultures, meeting here not (only) for fun, but for learning and studying. For sure it’s not only sunshine and roses, we all have our different habits and there are good and bad days … Soon we will all get separated when our class is over. We are all looking forward for the second weekend in November, because Adrian from Poland already invited us for his Birthday to Veliko Tarnovo.

Monday afternoon was the next day where I planned to write to my blog, but we decided to do the trip that we were planning for Sunday … to Ropotamo, a nature reserve some 50km south of Burgas. We really enjoyed our trip to nature, even though we didn’t really saw the nature reserve, as we didn’t want to do one of these boat trips. We were just walking in some direction (I was quite glad, that I had my GPS with me) and finally and more or less accidentally reached Беглик таш (Beglik Tash), a rock formation similar to those found in „Waldviertel“ in northern Austria, which was used as sanctuary in former times. We should already have seen it as part of our trip to Sozopol, but it was canceled because „it’s not really interesting“. Unfortunately, we came back much to late for our bus, so we had to take a taxi and a bus back to Burgas (which were for a reasonable price) as only the girls managed to hitch a ride. We really enjoyed that day in nature, savouring fresh air and the silence.

Today I finally had the time to check my bike … doesn’t look good, but I have an address for a bicycle service nearby from the parking lot attendant where I will go tomorrow after class.

Next weekend I will travel to Sofia, then the real life will start :) Have a good time, and I’m looking forward to any comments!

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