Mighty Sighişoara and Mediaş

I decided to spend one night and one day in Sighişoara (German: Schässburg), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (I think I should start to compile a list of World Heritage Sites that I’ve already seen). It’s a little town with 30.000 inhabitants, topped with a citadel (a kind of inhabited castle). The citadel was built in the 12th centry by German settlers, and still looks like a medieval place.

On the way to Sibiu I had to change trains in Mediaş (German: Mediasch). I didn’t know what I can expect of this city, as it was not covered by my guide book, but I decided to make a little break. My worst fear was, that it’s a city, built during communist times, only with grey block buildings. I was wrong, it’s another old city, built by German settlers, with a fortified church in the centre (more about fortified churches in my tale about Sibiu).

Sorry for my short description, next – about Sibiu – will be longer. Promise. Enjoy your time!

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