Trip to Lakatnik and busy studying

This week I had two exams and one home-work … It all went pretty well. Now, I have a longer break, which I will use for traveling … My goal is the Northern neigbouring country, Rumania. I already have a reservation for a bus tonight and a CouchSurfing-host for the first days. I’m planning to come back to Sofia on the 6th of February, so I have nearly two weeks to explore this country. Then on the 9th of February a friend from Vienna will visit me … I’m already looking forward to this.

One of the classes that I had last semester was „Contemporary Europe“, where we learned about organization and – more interesting – about Policies of European Union (or better European Commission). If you don’t know about these, you should check out, it’s really interesting, and there’s a lot of information online.

So, to end this short blog entry, before I vanish to foreign countries (ok, I’m already in a foreign country, but at least it’s a different one), I want to show you some pictures of last weekend – we did a short trip to Lakatnik, about one hour by train North of Sofia.

You can find some more pictures on my photo pages again.

One more thing happened: Yesterday I lost the filling of one of my teeth … thanks to one flat-mate I could find a dentist and it’s already been fixed :)

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