The longest night

Unfortunately, Brussels was not one of my best experiences. The following things happened:

  •  I couldn’t find any CouchSurfing-hosts, so I had to stay in a hostel (internet: 1,5€/½h)
  •  The guy at the internet-cafe charged me for 70 minutes, although I couldn’t have been there for more than 30 minutes (4,50€).
  • Checking out of the hostel I forgot my anorak in my room, when I came there in the evening to pick up my luggage it was not there any more (the anorak, I still have my luggage)

But the worst experience was the flight back to Vienna. Arriving at the airport at 18:30 everything still looked alright. The first time I was suspicious was, when at the gate were two flights at the same time (we were supposed to leave at 20:10), this shouldn’t happen. We were told our flight is one hour late. After some time our gate was changed, arriving at that gate our flight was no longer to Vienna, but to Bratislava and the departure time has been changed to 1:05. I decided to buy some newspaper (maybe a c’t, haven’t read it for a long time), but unfortunately everything was closing at 9pm. Some long hours later (internet: 3€/¼h – no way!) our flight arrived around 0:50 (already to late to leave at 1:05), and due to some additional delays we finally took off at 1:52. Arrival Bratislava 3:15, from there we had a bus … not to Vienna, but to Vienna Airport. Currently waiting for next train (4:54), looking forward to bed (maybe around 6am?).

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