Bye, bye Burgas!

Celebration of our Diplomas

Finally our language course is over. At 1pm today (which is in 1 1/2 hours) our bus to Sofia is leaving. I managed to get a ‚B‘ grade (which is second-best). I’m quite satisfied with this result.
I already voted for the parliamentary elections in Austria on Sunday yesterday – no, I won’t tell you, who got my vote, but it took me some time to decide. I hope the outgoings will be not so bad. We will see.
I wanted to show you some pictures of Burgas, which has some really nice parts around the city centre. Several things kept me from doing so: Unfortunately I caught a little flu in the last days, I hope it will get better soon. I bought ‚The Da Vinci Code‘ of Dan Brown, which is a very catchy book. Finding a CouchSurfing host for Sofia (I only have one until Tuesday). Learning for the final test of the language course (which was on Thursday). And I got my bicycle repaired (the Gears were destroyed, I have a new axle now – and no longer a pedal brake :/ ).
So hope you have a nice weekend, read you next week.

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