The Beach

Argyll asked me in one of the comments, whether the beach in Burgas is nice.
I wouldn’t have expected it, but the the beach here is really great. According to my Tourist Guide it should be quite dirty because of the industry nearby, but I’ve really seen worse.
Between the town and the beach lies a huge park, called the „Sea Garden“, where you can relax, get food (e.g. „Sprat“, roasted small fish) or go for a party in the evening. The beach itself is a narrow strip (about 20-50m) of sand. Sand as you expect there should be on a beach. Also the way into the sea is totally sandy, and it’s really flat. In the mornings until around 1pm (that’s the time when we have class) the sea is still, in the afternoon a strong wind comes up, so there are strong waves. Last week we always had a red flag, so we couldn’t go swimming or just near the beach. This week it seems to be better, it also got hotter again (at 19pm it had about 28°C today).
Stay tuned.

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