Lake Atanasovsko

Today I used the great weather (it’s still summer) for my first real cycling trip. This time I wanted to see one of the other lakes. As you presumably not know the geographical location of Burgas, here is a little Map (thanks to Google, who provide these satellite images):

This time I wanted to see the Lake Atanasovsko (Атанасовско езеро), which is located to the northeast of Burgas and close to my current home. I assumed that I will be much nicer than the Burgas Lake that I visited yesterday, as part of it is a nature reserve, due to the fact that it lies on the Via Pontia bird migration route. The Lake is very salty, that’s why the water doesn’t look very nice too … this time it’s natural. It’s also used for mud therapies, I could see lot’s of people covered in black mud.
My plan was to circuit the lake once, which unfortunately didn’t work out. On the west of the lake I would have needed to use a highway (which I accidentely did for a short distance), so I tried my luck from the east which was more successful. At least I could see a cemetery and a recreation area which currently hosts an exhibition of sand artwork. On the eastern part I passed a salt mining factory, an inlet from the Black Sea with lots of Jelly Fish, and some other interesting spots. See the pictures below for some impressions.
Altogether I cycled about 40km today and got a bit sunburned. Therefore I’m quite tired and don’t want to write more. Next week will be exhausting again, so presumably I won’t manage to update my blog. You can use the time to think about things you like to know about my visit, shall I write about some things in more detail? Have a good time!

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