The adventure „Erasmus“ has begun

Now it’s for real – I’ve left for Bulgaria. I’m here to see new cultures, meet interesting people and – last but not least – study spatial planning. I just arrived in Burgas at the Black Sea, where I’ll do my 4-week language course.
The last weeks have been really exhausting. There was lots of organizing to do, like Social Insurance during my stay in Bulgaria, finishing my bachelor in Computer Science, moving all stuff out of my flat and cleaning – something I wouldn’t have managed without the help of my mother. Last week was also full of meeting friends for a list time before being abroad for such a long time.
Finally the last day in Vienna started. I woke up in company of Miri and Kugal who surprisingly showed up at my Fare Well-Party. The whole day was quite stressful, I really underestimated the effort to move all my things out. The farewell at the airport was a bit emotional, but then I finally had time to relax. The flight to Burgas was really comfortable and unspectacular. I used the time to talk to my neighbor called Brigitte, who traveled to Nessbar with her husband and her three children for vacation. The only noticable thing about the flight was the guy behind us who made a real fuzz about Brigitte’s husband, because he „looked 110% like his brother“. He was so excited about that, that he phoned his brother after landing and let the look-alikes talk to each other.
After a ten-minute drive with a taxi I arrived at my shelter in Burgas – the Hotel Cosmos which is a typical east-european building from the communist era. Here I share my room with an italian guy whom I haven’t met yet. Our room is on the 10th floor where you can hear the winds blow. It’s really stormy, so it’s quite loud.
As of this writing (the original version on paper) I’m sitting in a pub at the beach a drinking a welcome beer (which cost 1,79 Лев/Lew or about 0,90). It’s comfortable to sit here in a T-Shirt, it’s about 23 degrees Centigrade. As I already said it’s quite stormy, so the waves are high.
Now I’m sitting in front of the internet computer at the hotel which is an old Pentium 120 MHz with 32 MB RAM and a 14 inch display. For those who can’t understand these values: This is like really old – about 12 years I would say.
I’m tired from the journey and everything – so I’m going to bed now (it’s already past midnight in East European time). Good night :)

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