Ost-Festival last Friday

Last friday there was the Ost-Festival in Galopprennbahn Freudenau in the Viennese Prater organized by the Ost-Klub, a Club in Vienna specialized for Balkan Music.

Unfortunately Ost-Klub is not famous for being cheap, the entrance for the festival was 23€, a beer cost 4 Ost-Rubel (the exchange-course was 1€=1 Ost-Rubel).

At this Festival they had quite a line-up, headlining were Balkan Beat Box (myspace) which did really rock and Russkaja (myspace). The other bands were also quite cool (in sum there were five bands playing), especially Grooveheadz (myspace), where I was able to catch one of the CDs they distributed to the audience. You should give this music a try, it’s cosy balkanesque music.

It was a long evening, Russkaja ended around 4 am, and then there was the long way home …

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