Blog about Urban Mobility in Vienna

As you might have noticed I had a longer break on my blog during the summer holidays. One of the reasons, beside being lazy, was an identity-crisis of my blog. I didn’t really know what to do with it, it’s very mixed up. Things about politics, personal stuff, about my travels and about my projects – (Nearly) everything I’m interested in. Parts of my blog are in German, parts in English.

I wanted to start something new, about Urban Mobility in Vienna, which is very important to me, and where I see a lot of potential, but I see that most ideas fail because of politics. I want to start a new blog to develop ideas. I invite everybody to participate in discussions there, and would be glad to see some guest articles of other authors. If it develops nicely I could even imagine changing it to a collaboration platform. But for now I want to publish my ideas there.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep my old blog, and I will continue to write about my personal interests, but it might happen, that there are no updates for several months.

Here you can find my new blog: Mobilit├Ąt in Wien

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