Minority Government!

As you might know (most of my readers will know) there are parliamentary election at the end of this month in Austria. I think the current election race is one of the most thrilling of the last years, due to the fact that the outcome is more or less unknown. Even the Liberales Forum (liberal) is running again, who had little successes during the 1990s. Assumedly the will manage to enter the parliament again (you need at least 4% of the total votes).
One of my favourite politicians currently is Christoph Chorherr from the Grüne (green), not due to the fact that he has views similar to mine, but mainly because he has a very active blog. This makes politics somehow palpable, I would wish that most politicians would have a blog, where you can read their personal statements and meanings. Now during election race he started to do „Videoblogging“. GIve it a try and check it out.
His last Videoblog is about the stagnation of the parliament in Austria. He would propose to have an other form of Government, e.g. a Minority Government, because he wishes more lively discussions and not only implementations of the coalition pact.
That’s exactly what I would have wished after last parliamentary elections in Austria two years ago. The SPÖ (social-democratics) should have tried a Minority Government, so the Government may have also only lasted for a short time, but they would have at least made their politics and not the politics of the ÖVP (christian-socialist). It took more than three months to build the coalition and it was a deadlock from the beginning.
Let’s hope that these elections will bring a better result, although I think we would need some other kind of parliamentary discussions for this (as Christoph Chorherr also says).

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